Who are we?

Since 1975 our company, which aims to be a better supplier in commercial life, which has been continuing without

compromising the principles of service and product quality, is today in the national market; it holds and sells all kinds of aluminum profiles, alloyed and unalloyed plates, accessories and composite panels needed by the industry, construction and furniture sectors.

Can Alüminyum; offers solutions to the customers with the brands "LevhaRulo" in the f... more »

The message of the president

Dear business partners and employees, Our working life, which started with a small shop in 1975 and whose only support is excitement and determination to work, continues on its way with our companies that are advancing with the aim of being the best in their field today.

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Vision, Password, Values
Our values are our light; our vision and mission is our guide that guides us to reach our goals by constantly renewing and developing in the changing world. more »
  • A. Yalçın Yeşilova Group Chief Executive Officer
    C.E.O Message

    Our esteemed business partners, stakeholders and dear colleagues,

    Our innovative, planned, equipped and solution-oriented production approach for almost half a century, our valuable colleagues and “ Collaboration & Thanks to our motto "Synergy", we crown all our efforts with success. In this way, we proudly represent our industry, our city and our country as Yeşilova Holding and our companies, which give life to the aluminum industry. We offer creative solutions. In this way, we continue to be a visionary and pioneering company in the field of aluminum.

    We use the power of technology in all our production processes, move forward in line with our customers' goals, and offer them the most accurate and fastest results as a strategic and reliable partner.

    This step, taken with great courage 45 years ago, is the best representative of entrepreneurship and farsightedness today.

    I would like to thank our business partners and customers, with whom we have developed together in this process, and all our employees who contributed to our business with their effort and devotion. I present.

    A. Yalçın Yeşilova

    Yeşilova Holding

    Group Chief Executive Officer

  • İbrahim Aydın General Manager
    General Manager Message

    Hello our dear customers, friends and colleagues, Can Aluminum, which was established in 1975 in line with the great efforts and beliefs of our Founding President, Mr. Ali İhsan Yeşilova, is today an important brand in its sector. As Can Aluminum, we set out on this path by adopting our principles and values ​​as our guide, with our experienced and professional team, our strong stock structure, our solution-oriented approach, our attention to timely delivery, and our customer-oriented service approach. We produce professional, practical and integrated solutions by using them correctly. We offer solutions suitable for the requirements of the age by incorporating our new brands with the developing technology, and we aim to progress and grow day by day. I would like to thank and extend my respects to our team.

    İbrahim Aydın

    General Manager

Can Alüminyum

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