+45 Transformation Program
+45 Transformation Program

What is the +45 Transformation Program?

+45 Transformation Program is a transformation program in which Yeşilova Group plans systematic improvements under 6 main headings to shed light on the next 45 years with the strength and experience it has gained from the past 45 years.

What is the purpose of the +45 Transformation Program?

The purpose of the program; In order for the Yeşilova Group to continue its success in the next 45 years, the necessary improvements are planned and implemented today.

Why do you call this program a “Culture of Freedom and Responsibility”?

With the 'Freedom and Responsibility' approach, which appear as complementary concepts when we look at it from the perspective of business life, we foresee a freer way of doing business, a higher business responsibility, and ultimately a more agile structure for our companies.

Who does the +45 Transformation Program appeal to?

Our office and field employees are at the center of our +45 Transformation Program, and some of the content that will be realized within the scope of the program also includes the families of our employees. Thus, we aim to ensure that the positive atmosphere created within the company, thanks to the program, is felt in the homes of our employees as well. We also believe that our industry, our customers, and our stakeholders, with whom we are or will be in cooperation, will also feel the effects of the + 45 Transformation Program.

What is included in the +45 Transformation Program?

There are 6 main topics in our program, each of which embraces a different development and improvement area.

+45 Transformation Program Projects

Our Strategic Transformation Project

It includes our strategic direction for the future.

Our Leadership and Development Transformation Project

It includes studies for the professional and personal development of all our colleagues.

Our Digital Transformation Project

It includes the creation of digital platforms in line with Yeşilova Group's management strategy and increasing efficiency in our business processes.

Our Communication Transformation Project

It includes organizations that will increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our colleagues, as well as establishing a more positive and freer business life.

Our Innovation Transformation Project

It includes the practices put forward within the scope of creating an innovation culture and transforming ideas into value, covering all our office and field employees.

Our Brand Transformation Project

Yesilova Group includes brand studies that will further strengthen the reputation of its brands.

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